Ask your FWF brand Anything!

Where are your clothes made? And by whom?

On 24 April 2018, Fashion Revolution Day, seventeen Fair Wear Foundation brands opened up online and gave a unique backstage look at what they are doing to make a concrete, lasting difference in the lives of the workers who make their clothes. What a commitment of these brands to answer questions from consumers on the spot! In addition, three FWF country representatives and one FWF brand liaison also shared their unique insights into the industry.

We were live for more than 9,5 hours with thousands of viewers taking part.

You can watch all the videos below by clicking on each brand logo or visit our Facebook page directly.


Other videos from the Facebook live Q&A for fashion Revolution Day

Q&A with Suhasini Singh, FWF country representative for India


Q&A with Bablur Rahman and San Latt Phyu, FWF country representatives for Bangladesh and Myanmar

Q&A with Hendrine Stelwagen, FWF Brand Liaison


Five Years After Rana Plaza: We Need All Brands On Board

Five years ago today, over 1,000 garment workers were killed when the Rana Plaza building collapsed. Since then, certain responsible garment brands have made remarkable progress towards improving factory safety. However, problems are still widespread, deeply rooted and include many other labour-rights issues. We need a transformation of this industry. To make that happen, all garment brands need to take on an active role and be held accountable for what happens in their supply chains. Read the full op-ed by Margreet Vrieling, Associate Director of Fair Wear Foundation.

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