Suspended members

When companies join Fair Wear Foundation, they commit to implementing the FWF Code of Labour Practices in their supply chains. During the annual Performance Check, FWF assesses whether brands meet the requirements that follow from this commitment.

A company’s membership can be suspended for two reasons: either the company does not meet FWF’s ‘Basic Requirements’ (see the Performance Check Guide) – in which case FWF does not do a Brand Performance Check and the company’s membership is automatically suspended.

The second reason for membership to be suspended is when a company is rated in the performance category ‘needs improvement’ for the second year in a row.

A company’s membership is suspended for a maximum of one year. If, after that year, the company does not manage to achieve the rating ‘good’ (or higher), membership is terminated.

  • Tricorp Casual - No Performance Check
  • Tricorp Corporate - No Performance Check
  • Tricorp Premium - No Performance Check
  • Tricorp Safety - No Performance Check
  • Tricorp Specials - No Performance Check
  • Tricorp Workwear - No Performance Check

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