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India Country Study 2019

This country study draws on consultations with key stakeholders acro date: 12/06/2019Read more

Bangladesh Country Study 2018

Bangladesh has experienced rapid growth and development in the past date: 28/03/2019Read more

FWF guidance on risks related to Turkish garment factories employing Syrian refugees 2019

This guideline has been revised and updated to help FWF members carr date: 07/03/2019Read more

Factories in Myanmar Supplying FWF Members December 2018

FWF members with production in Myanmar are required to implement add date: 19/02/2019Read more

Guide on worker-management dialogue in Indian legislation

The new FWF guide on worker-management dialogue in Indian legislatio date: 09/01/2019Read more

FAQ Legal framework for employing fixed-term workers in India

Many audit findings and complaints in India are concerned with probl date: 09/01/2019Read more

Indonesia Country Study 2018

The garment industry is a significant contributor to Indonesia’s l date: 23/11/2018Read more

Turkey Country Study 2017/2018

The garment industry is Turkey’s second largest industry, responsi date: 21/11/2018Read more

Now is the time for a strategy to employ Syrian refugees in Turkey

As we are in year seven of the Syrian refugee crisis in Turkey, it i date: 21/11/2018Read more

Myanmar Enhanced Monitoring Programme 2018

Read more about the Myanmar Enhanced Monitoring Programme, which see date: 17/08/2018Read more

Macedonia 2017 Country Study

The textile industry is one of Macedonia’s most developed economi date: 13/12/2017Read more

Factories in Myanmar supplying FWF members August 2017

FWF members with production in Myanmar are required to implement add date: 25/08/2017Read more