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Resource types

Communication Guide

This guide is meant to help you tell others about the good work that date: 08/08/2019Read more

Workplace Education Programme 2019

To support brands and factories in fulfilling their basic responsibi date: 19/06/2019Read more

FWF membership application form

Please fill out this form if you are applying for Fair Wear Foundati date: 07/06/2019Read more

FWF membership costs 2019

It details all expenses related to Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) member date: 14/03/2019Read more

FWF guidance on risks related to Turkish garment factories employing Syrian refugees 2019

This guideline has been revised and updated to help FWF members carr date: 07/03/2019Read more

Financial Terms for Service Providers 2019

This memo explains the financial terms for all parties (service prov date: 20/02/2019Read more

Factories in Myanmar Supplying FWF Members December 2018

FWF members with production in Myanmar are required to implement add date: 19/02/2019Read more

Membership Fees 2019

This details all expenses related to Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) memb date: 18/02/2019Read more

Work plan template for new members

This document serves as a template work plan, and is intended as a r date: 06/01/2019Read more

Climbing the Ladder: Supervisory skill-building programme

In response to the pervasive discrimination and harassment against  date: 11/12/2018Read more

Impact of new Legal Minimum Wage in Bangladesh on Labour Minute Value

Effective 1 December 2018, the legal minimum wages in Bangladesh ris date: 21/11/2018Read more